Sound Advice on Hearing Health Client Testimonials

“My wife and I both gained so much by attending the Sound Advice on Hearing Health workshops. I would highly recommend these workshops to individuals who are hard of hearing and their families. So little time spent for such tremendous gain! “ – John Duncan

“After having participated in the Sound Advice on Hearing Health workshops, I now know how to better express my communication needs, feel more confident communicating with others and am so much more engaged in social situations.” – Chester Wheaton

“We learned so much about hearing health and strategies to improve communication.  In addition to being knowledgeable, our presenter was warm, patient and creative during our sessions together.  What  wonderful services that CHS provides! “ -  Dorothy and Andrew Wilson

“Thank you so much for lifting our spirits by the caring and compassionate way you conduct your workshop!   We learned so many coping skills that when applied certainly enhanced our lives.  It was not only one-sided for we learned how frustrating our hearing loss was for our family and friends as well as for the people we come in contact with from day to day.  We are endeavoring to apply all your good counsel and the input from participants.  You helped us all regain our confidence and dignity and to move forward .” -  Bill and Gail Dredge

“I find all the techniques, that I learned, help with everyday communication.  I think everyone should take this workshop.  Excellent workshop! “  - Anonymous