ShadaeWhen Shadae began the Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) program at Canadian Hearing Services (CHS), she was quite shy. However, with encouragement, practice, and hard work, “She’s become more confident and outgoing,” according to her LBS instructor.

LBS offers individualized instruction for Deaf adults to develop and apply communication, numeracy, and digital skills to achieve career goals, maintain employment, further education, participate in training opportunities and increase personal independence.

After almost a year of attending virtual LBS classes, Shadae has not only gained confidence, but she also has a new job.

Through the LBS program, Shadae reviewed and practiced interview etiquette, practiced mock interviews, attended job fairs, and found volunteer work. She was interviewed for and was successfully hired at Amazon’s recently opened Scarborough warehouse. 

“I was so nervous during the interview, but after a few minutes, I was so calm,” Shadae says. “They offered the job and it feels great.”

Even though she’s now employed, Shadae will continue to attend LBS classes, but her focus will shift to preparation for her Canadian citizenship. Other areas of instruction will continue to be workplace-focused, including ensuring access and inclusion at work, understanding her rights as a worker and a person, and reviewing and understanding work policies. She also continues to support fellow learners, sharing her experiences from the job interview process, work-related training, and on-the-job tasks.

“Now, I feel more confident,” Shadae says. “Thank you to LBS Toronto for the help!” 

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