Client Phyllis with husband FrankUntreated hearing loss has been documented to be connected to social isolation, loneliness and reduced quality of life [2] [3] [4]. As people develop hearing loss, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to interact with others, often resulting in avoidance of social situations and potential withdrawal from family and friends. 

Hearing loss does not have to have a negative impact on your health, social connections or mental well-being. By reaching out to a Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) Hearing Care Counsellor, you can get the support you need to help you improve communication, keep you engaged in social activities, manage any stress around your hearing loss and live your life to it’s fullest.

CHS client, Phyllis Salem, reached out to CHS, and with the support of her CHS Hearing Care Counsellor, Joyce Haynes, Phyllis was able to better cope with her hearing loss, turning what seemed like big obstacles into opportunities, leading to improved quality of life and well-being. 

Before contacting CHS, Phyllis had been struggling to adjust and cope with the challenges that come with hearing loss. “I tried to get assistance through other means in the past, but was unsuccessful, which left me feeling defeated, stressed, and thinking that hearing loss was something I just had to live with”, said Phyllis.

Through the CHS Hearing Care Counselling Service, Phyllis was able to express her challenges around hearing loss, what aspects of her hearing loss were causing her stress and anxiety, and her wishes and needs in order to continue to lead a fulfilling life and stay connected with others. Phyllis’ CHS Counsellor helped Phyllis find ways to manage stress, taught her how to respond to challenging listening situations and practiced new communication strategies with her, until Phyllis felt confident communicating with others. Phyllis’ counsellor also helped her address challenges around using the telephone, making the best use of her hearing aids, as well as helping Phyllis explore other communication options such as video chat with captioning. 

“Each client is unique. It is important to work with each client and their family to understand their unique needs, develop a plan together and personalize their care, so the client can reach their full potential in a manner that is right for them. If we focus only on the “hearing loss”, the loss will be felt more, but if we focus on communication, we can gain the ability to remain engaged and make those important connections.” explains Joyce.

“Phyllis’ hearing loss was greatly impacting our lives and bringing many activities to a halt. Through the help received from Canadian Hearing Services, Phyllis is more content, less overwhelmed and anxious, and together we remain active and social, enjoying life to it’s fullest.” says Phyllis' husband, Frank

If you are experiencing hearing loss, let’s talk - our CHS counselors are here for you. Contact CHS Hearing Care Counselling Services for free counselling services to help you improve communication with family and friends, stay involved in social activities, and remain safe and independent. Let CHS help you stay connected! Visit to book an appointment or call 1-866-518-0000.