CHS Video Remote Interpretation (CHS-VRI)


Become an accessibility leader in your industry!


CHS-Virtual Remote Interpretation (VRI) is a convenient, secure, cost-effective and reliable service that allows Deaf and hearing individuals to communicate virtually through a sign-language interpreter via video. This service is offered anywhere in Canada whereby access to a Canadian-based Sign Language Interpreter may be needed. 

CHS-VRI is ideal for businesses that want to provide full access to all customers, hearing and Deaf, while ensuring your business is meeting applicable accessibility legislation. It can be used in various customer service environments such as banking, transportation, government offices, etc.

Why Choose CHS-VRI?


Accessibility is good for business!  -  According to a 2018 report by Accenture, companies that championed people with disabilities outperformed others – driving profitability and shareholders returnsLearn more (

Accessibility Legislation - By using CHS-VRI, you can ensure you comply with federal and provincial accessibility legislation.

Communication access for everyone - VRI provides communication access to all staff and customers, Deaf and hearing, allowing everyone to be included in the conversation. 

Easy, fast, access!  - CHS-VRI can be quickly and easily accessed as the need arises. All that is required is internet access and a device with a camera and microphone (e.g. tablet, iPad, smart phone).

Physical Distancing - CHS-VRI works well in situations where physical distancing is required, including when plexiglass or face masks are being used.

Screened and professionally trained Sign Language Interpreters - Our multi-lingual interpreters (English / ASL and French / LSQ) are screened and professionally trained, having successfully completed post-secondary Interpreter training programs and adhere to the Canadian Association of Sign Language Interpreters (CASLI) Code of Ethics and Professional Code of Conduct.

Secure and Reliable - CHS-VRI has been designed to ensure the highest level of security and reliability, with user privacy at all times. Learn more about VRI application security. 

When would I need to use CHS-VRI?


CHS-VRI can be used anytime a Deaf person presents themselves for service. It can be used in a variety of settings including, but not limited to:

  • Healthcare
  • Mental Health
  • Community and Social Services 
  • Government Services and Banking
  • Legal 
  • Employment
  • Retail
Requesting CHS-VRI service



CHS-VRI does not require any downloads or software applications. All that is required is access to the internet and the ability to open internet webpages either through Microsoft Edge, Safari or Google Chrome.

Once you request CHS-VRI service, your organization will be provided with a dedicated URL that will indicate the organization as well as the applicable department. The URL format provides clear location-based services based on your requirements.

Getting Started with CHS-VRI:

Getting started with CHS-VRI is quick and easy!

STEP 1: Contact a CHS Client Engagement Manager to set-up your CHS-VRI business account:

For the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Western Ontario and Western Canada – Client Engagement Manager, Mark Murray
Phone: 1-416-523-8253 

For Eastern Ontario and throughout Eastern Canada – Client Engagement Manager, Spencer Holmes (English and French services) 
Phone: 1-343-571-6432 

Step 2: Once registered with CHS, you will be provided with a unique URL and access code.
Step 3: Review the CHS-VRI Guide before you get started, as well as the Communication Tips on Working with your Interpreter.
Step 4: Power up your device and get started!


Pre-booking Interpreting Services

Interpreting services (virtual and in-person) can also be booked in advance for future events (e.g. scheduled appointments, webinars, business meetings, online events, etc.).  Visit our Interpreting Services page to learn more. 

Client Testimonials


“The first time our organization used CHS-VRI, we were so pleased with how easy, effective and convenient it was – and so was our client! When the client first arrived at our office, a representative assessed their needs, and based on communication needs, we offered VRI service and provided them with an information sheet about VRI. The client reviewed the information, agreed to using VRI and we were connected with an interpreter shortly after. Through the interpreter, the client expressed how at ease he felt being able to communicate with our staff, asked a lot of questions, and was extremely thankful to our organization for providing accessible communication. The positive feedback we received from this client was a significant moment on our path to creating an inclusive and accessible environment and helps us enhance our service excellence.” – CHS Business Client