Accessibility Services

female at reception desk communicating with male at the other side of desk


We are your experts in the field of accessibility for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing. Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) offers a range of services to open lines of communication, break down barriers and ensure you comply with legal requirements for inclusive business practices and provision of services.

Accessibility Consulting Services

We offer one-stop access to a full range of services to help businesses identify current communication barriers, meet accessibility needs, and comply with provincial and federal accessibility legislation.

sign language translation

From translation to filming and editing, we work with you to improve accessibility for your Deaf and hard of hearing customers and employees by developing American Sign Language (ASL) or la langue des signes québécoise (LSQ) content for your website, video streaming, online training and more.

Communication Devices

Our experts work with you to assess your needs and then recommend, supply and train you on the most appropriate technology to meet accessibility standards, enhance customer service and increase business.

Conference Accessibility Coordination

We help you coordinate interpreting, captioning and assistive listening systems to ensure your conferences or community consultations are fully accessible to all participants.

Sign Language Interpreting Services

Our skilled interpreters offer onsite or video remote interpreting (VRI) in ASL or LSQ  to ensure effective communication between Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing individuals.

Captioning Services

We offer live, word-for-word transcription of speech to text via our Communication access real-time translation (CART) services and digital media captioning for videos and websites.