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Emergency Services

Updated on July 9, 2020

Canadian Hearing Services is continuing to provide emergency support services to our Deaf, hard of hearing and Deaf-blind clients.   

Emergency Interpreting Services: 1-866-518-0000 | TTY: 1-877-215-9530 | | SMS/Text: 416-712-6637 (charges may apply)

Deaf-Blind Intervening Services: 1-866-518-0000 | TTY: 1-877-215-9530 | Allan Wareham,

When you should contact your family doctor, Ear Nose and Throat physician or go to the hospital:

  • History of sudden or rapidly progressive or fluctuating hearing loss;
  • History of active drainage activity or bleeding from the ear(s), in the preceding 90 days, or visible drainage on examination;
  • Ongoing pain or discomfort in the ear;
  • Unilateral or pulsatile tinnitus;
  • Acute, recurring episodes, or chronic dizziness or increasing imbalance;
  • Evidence of a foreign object in the external auditory meatus (ear canal).
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