Aural Rehabilitation

woman and man sitting down facing each other and communicating to each other


Canadian Hearing Services offers one-on-one aural rehabilitation to find the best strategies to enhance your communication abilities.

What is aural rehabilitation?

Aural rehabilitation refers to any therapy or technique that is used to improve the receptive communication for people with hearing loss. This may include training in speech reading, auditory training and strategies to improve listening and increase communication effectiveness. In addition, this can include the use of hearing aids or assistive listening devices such as telephone amplifiers.

What we offer

Our aural rehabilitation sessions include:

  • foundations of speechreading
  • communication strategies
  • environmental strategies
  • assertiveness training

Some clients may find it beneficial to meet with our speech-language pathologist to work on auditory training and listening skills. 

We also offer a variety of hearing help classes and workshops that provide practical information, tips and advice to help you cope with hearing loss and improve your communication skills.

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