Client Survey Results Very Positive for Canadian Hearing Society

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January 27 - In September 2017 the Board of Directors of Canadian Hearing Society approved a new strategic plan for the organization. This plan detailed three strategic priorities – to get focused; to get great; and to go national.

Following approval by the Board of this strategic direction, a client satisfaction survey was created to measure and solicit feedback from clients accessing Clinical Services provided by Canadian Hearing Society. These services include Counselling and Audiology.

“It is vital we understand current client satisfaction.” said Julia Dumanian, CEO of Canadian Hearing Society. “Understanding our strengths and the opportunities to be great in the eyes of our clients, ensures we are focusing on the right priorities for the organization.”

550 clients from CHS’s Audiology and Counselling programs completed the survey in October 2017. Respondents were clients who received an appointment between April 1 to September 30, 2017. The survey was available in multiple languages (English, ASL, French, LSQ, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Portuguese). This interim report was completed December 2017 and the final report will be available summer 2018.

“This survey provides a good benchmark for future surveys and helps us better support our clients through high quality person and family centered care,” said Dr. Chantal Graveline, VP, Clinical & Community Services.

19 questions were asked in the client satisfaction survey. Here are the key findings:

  • Eight out of ten respondents (83%) were satisfied or very satisfied with the care and services they received from CHS;
  • 87% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the high level of staff understanding and response to their needs;
  • 88% of respondents felt they were treated with dignity and respect by CHS staff;
  • 85% felt satisfied or very satisfied with how long it takes to receive services from CHS; and
  • 77% of respondents were satisfied with their own involvement in planning personalized care;

In addition, clients provided feedback about their CHS experience in their own words. 

  • “The audiologist was very kind and thoughtful. She asked for clarification on my issues and listened carefully to my concerns. She notified me of a possible issue that would require a consult with a specialist, which was not what I had been expecting, but she was very calm and put me at ease.”
  • “Solved my problems step by step. Came to my home and advised & assisted me in all my needs. I'm Independent now, but know you are there if a need arises. Great service, so helpful, especially when I could not function on my own.”
  • “Meeting with counsellor at CHS helps me deal with all the stresses in my life which include being only deaf staff at work, only deaf family member, being between worlds as deaf person who grew up oral totally in hearing world who learned sign and met Deaf 10 years ago as well as other life stresses.”

 “These satisfaction results are a testament to the hard work, talents and commitment CHS’ highly skilled, professional staff bring to their work and the support of government and other organizations,” said Dumanian. “Over the next few months, we will continue to look at opportunities to strengthen our services based on the survey feedback and to implement best practices so we can continuously meet and exceed the needs of Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians.”


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