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The Canadian Hearing Society has been awarded significant incremental funding for the 2018-2019 Supported Employment program. This program is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) and furthers the Ontario Government’s commitment to inclusivity and enhancing services for those with disabilities, as well as its confidence in the Canadian Hearing Society as a leading organization for service delivery to Canadians who are Deaf and hard of hearing.

“People who are Deaf and hard of hearing who have the skills, the education and the ability have the right to the same employment opportunities as hearing people with similar qualifications,” says Gary Malkowski, VP Stakeholder and Employer Relations at Canadian Hearing Society. “This increase in funding for the Supported Employment program enables more individuals who are Deaf and hard of hearing to get the supports they need to find employment and meet their career goals”

The program is focused on job placement and increasing employability skills for those with disabilities in communities including Timmins and Belleville. The Canadian Hearing Society will bolster its existing Employment Services programs in Belleville and Timmins to help people who are Deaf or hard of hearing secure competitive and long-term employment in the community.

The Timmins program will be delivered under a new moniker of ‘EmployAll’ in partnership with March of Dimes Canada and Northern College.  This consortium model will facilitate free flow of resources and a greater sharing of skills and best practices across organizations to maximize the impact for people in the community and meet the full spectrum of disability needs.

The Belleville program is exclusive to the Canadian Hearing Society and will target new clients who are Deaf and hard of hearing to help them secure competitive and long-term employment in the community.  Job seekers will receive supports to help meet career goals including job readiness workshops, job search skill development, coaching and ongoing job retention support.

Since 2014, the Canadian Hearing Society has supported more than 3,800 Deaf and hard of hearing clients in finding employment and placed more than 235 individuals in jobs each year. The Canadian Hearing Society’s Employment Services – the largest of its kind in Canada - provides free specialized services to adults (aged 16 and over) to support them in seeking employment including arranging interpreters at job interviews and helping them to succeed at work. Employment Services also advise employers on how to implement workplace accommodations for a barrier-free work environment.


About Supported Employment Program

The Supported Employment model follows an approach of ‘place then train’ which helps clients maintain momentum. It is specifically designed for individuals who face complex barriers to employment due to a disability including some combination of limited or interrupted labour market experience, low levels of education or literacy and challenging life circumstances (e.g. poverty or lack of family/parental support). In addition, the Supported Employment program also provides a wide range of services and opportunities for employers to address staffing and skills needs through matches with suitably skilled people with disabilities.




About the Canadian Hearing Society

Trusted since 1940, the Canadian Hearing Society provides industry-leading services and products that enable Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians to overcome barriers to participation. It is an independent, registered non-profit organization that reinvests proceeds from product and program sales back into community services, the focus of the organization. For more information about CHS services, visit https://www.chs.ca/

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