Past Client Stories 2018-2019

Victoria's Story

Three pictures of woman with flowers and in her graduation gown It was a frightening time in Karen's life. Her baby, Victoria, was born premature at 32 weeks with many potentially life-threatening health issues.

One issue caused irreversible damage to the nerves in Victoria's ears. But because there was such an intense focus on keeping Victoria healthy, her hearing loss wasn't identified until she started school.

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Woman standing in hallway of schoolLike many other Deaf and hard-of-hearing Canadians, Brittney has faced a lot of barriers in her young life. 

When she was 18-months-old, Brittney developed meningitis that destroyed the hearing in both her ears. "My parents were devastated. They didn't know how they'd handle me being Deaf."

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Woman with her two sonsBy the time Kaja was three years old, her mother knew something was wrong. 

"She put me at the top of the stairs and yelled up to me, 'ice cream!'. When I didn't respond my parents took me to Canadian Hearing Services," Kaja recalls. 

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Toddler sitting in pile of leaves laughingWith tears in her eyes, Anna-Lee looked into the sweet face of her one-month old baby. 

Soren had just been diagnosed with mild to severe hearing loss in both ears and Anna-Lee and her husband Nick were scared. What would this mean for him? Would he have a difficult life? They didn't want him to struggle.

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Man playing guitar in studioGlenn was no stranger to ringing in his ears.

As a semi-professional musician, he often experienced it after live shows. It had always gone away before. But then one night, the ringing didn't stop. 

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Hiroko'S STORY

Woman wearing communication device around her neckHiroko moved to Canada from Japan in 2005. A few years later, she was watching TV with friends when they all started laughing. She thought she had been following along with the program, but she didn't know what was so funny. Because of her hearing loss, situations like this were becoming more and more frequent. She was tired of missing the joke.

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