We can help you find the right fit for your team or organization

Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) helps organizations find qualified candidates for job opportunities.  Employment Services at CHS is the largest service of its kind in Ontario, with many years of experience, as well as partnerships with many employers, large and small. We understand both our candidates needs and your requirements, resulting in a great match.

What we offer:

•    Pre-screening and interviewing of candidates and referral of qualified candidates
•    A selection of skilled, motivated candidates
•    Arrangements for unpaid work experience job trials or wage subsidies, when applicable
•    Transitional employment support services such as interpreting services for interviews and job training
•    Provision of accessible pre-employment training programs that may be required

Why choose Employment Services at CHS:

•    There are no placement fees. Your organization can seek out candidates at no cost.
•    There’s no need to advertise job openings, saving you time and money.
•    We’ll meet your employment needs with a wide selection of qualified candidates.
•    We provide subsidized placements.
•    We offer job trials so you can orient and evaluate the candidate’s performance, at no cost.

Benefits of hiring people with hearing loss:

•    They have the same potential and abilities as hearing people.
•    They have a variety of skills and backgrounds ranging from technical training to professional degrees.
•    You’ll enhance your customer service through increased accessibility.
•    It can reflect positively on your organization or business.

Many federal and provincial governments offer funding incentives to encourage businesses to recruit and hire people with disabilities. To learn more, visit Accommodations Funding for Businesses.

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