Interpreter Internship Program - FAQs

Will interns be paid?

Candidates are paid an annual salary of $26,000 which is pro-rated to 10 months. We also offer a moving/relocation subsidy to interns who have to move to Toronto for nine months.

When does the program begin?

The program has two sessions per year and each accepts four interns. Sessions have different start dates to ensure there will always be an opportunity for placement and meaningful assignments in the community. Some classes involve all eight interns but the sessions are run separately.

For upcoming intake please contact Priti Patel, Program Assistant, Interpreter Internship Program. 

How are candidates screened for an interview?

After we receive your application, a committee will determine if you are eligible. We look at your application and IIP Entrance Screening. Consideration is also given to regional need. You must be committed to living and working in Ontario as either a staff or freelance interpreter at CHS but is not required for the internship program. If you’ve taken the Skills Screening, you can still apply for the internship program. If you’re successful in the Skills Screening and want to withdraw your internship application, you can do so without penalty.

How can I get more information about OIS Interpreter Internship Program?

For more information, please contact: