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Virtual services now available!

A message from our President & CEO

Updated on July 14, 2020

Canadian Hearing Services is continuing to innovate during this global pandemic to ensure we can serve the needs of our diverse communities. We are proud to announce that the services below are now available for virtual appointments!

  • Interpretation and Translation Services: Our highly skilled interpreters use sign language and spoken language to provide clear two-way communication between deaf and hearing people at scheduled meetings and appointments, and in unforeseen emergency situations.  BOOK NOW!
  • Hearing Care Counselling: If you are 55 or older and have a hearing loss, we offer free counselling services to help you improve communication with family and friends, stay involved in social activities, and remain safe and independent at home. BOOK NOW!
  • CONNECT Counselling: Our professional counselling services to Deaf and hard of hearing individuals, ages 16 and older, and their families, who are living with mental health issues, addiction, relationship problems, domestic violence or other serious challenges. BOOK NOW!
  • Employment Services: Our employment consultants specialize in the unique needs of adults aged 16 and over who are Deaf or hard of hearing to help you find a job and succeed at work. BOOK NOW!
  • General Support Services: Provides assistance to manage everyday life events from completing government forms to attending court and coping with hearing loss. BOOK NOW!


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