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Your hearing health is essential. We can help!



Our team understands the importance of client-centered care and is commited to finding the best solution for your hearing health needs. Life doesn't stop with hearing loss. 

We provide hearing aids from all manufacturers with no sales incentives

Are you experiencing signs of hearing loss?

one in three

Since hearing loss typically happens gradually over an extended period of time, it often goes unnoticed. But we are more widely affected by this silent affliction than you might realize.

Are you or is someone you love affected by hearing loss?

  • Constantly asking for words to be repeated 
  • Straining to hear/favouring one ear
  • Thinking that people always mumble 
  • Turning the television or radio up louder than usual 
  • Having difficulty hearing on the telephone
  • Ringing or buzzing in one or both ears

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These locations are open by appointment only:

  • Hamilton: 50 Dundurn Street South, Unit 119 (Fortino's Plaza) 
  • Kingston: 658 Progress Ave. Unit 14  
  • Kitchener: 120 Ottawa St N
  • London:  301 Oxford St W, London, ON N6H 1S6 (Cherryhill Mall)
  • Ottawa: 1541 Merivale Rd, Unit C
  • Peel (Mississauga): 2227 South Millway, Suite 104
  • Scarborough: 2199 Midland Ave.  Unit 3
  • Sudbury: 1233 Paris Street
  • Toronto: 271 Spadina Road
  • Windsor: 300 Giles Blvd. East
  • York (Newmarket): 16635 Yonge Street,
    Unit 9


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