In the News

In the News

Our hearing healthcare professionals are frequently contacted by the media to provide expert information on issues related to hearing and hearing health. Here is a selection of recent stories.

Dementia study gives motivation to address hearing loss 

Toronto Star
July 27, 2017
Toronto Star article about the connection between hearing loss and dementia quoting Rex Banks, Director of Audiology 

Sleiman announces hearing loss, continues as councillor
Windsor Star
October 11, 2015
Windsor Star article about hearing loss quoting Rex Banks, Director of Audiology. 

Can smartphones cause hearing loss

Hearing Aid News
August 6, 2015
When it comes to our electronic devices, our on-the-go lifestyles are increasingly demanding portability. From our computers to our phones to our music, we want to be able to take it with us. Yes, it is certainly convenient to have everything we need for business, entertainment or social networking right at our fingertips; but is all of that convenience damaging our hearing? Unfortunately some recent studies say yes.

Treating hearing loss and how hearing aids have evolved

Canada AM, CTV
May 12, 2015 
Chief Audiologist Rex Banks was interviewed by co-host Beverly Thomson on CTV's Canada AM about hearing loss and types of hearing aids.
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Give Smart: Canadian Hearing Society Toronto

Toronto Star
May 10, 2015
One in four Canadian adults has some form of hearing loss, and the Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) has been removing communication barriers for these individuals for the past 75 years.

How to prevent hearing loss

Canadian Living
November 2014
One in four Canadians suffers from hearing loss. Find out if you're at risk and what you can do about it.

How to save your hearing

Toronto Star
May 20, 2014
Our modern society has created pervasive noise that’s causing preventable hearing loss.