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Initiative Soins de santé auditive

The Hearing Healthcare Initiative for Ontario, led by The Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) in partnership with six other organizations and researchers from Canadian universities, is dedicated to promoting hearing health in Ontario.

Toward a Hearing Healthcare Initiative for Ontario As the number of older adults in Ontario increases, evidence shows that the incidence of hearing loss is becoming more widespread. Hearing loss among youth is also growing – mostly caused by exposure to loud noise such as through headphones or from live music concerts.

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Hearing Healthcare Initiative- Political Party Survey

The Canadian Hearing Society received responses to questions from all political parties. During the 2011 provincial election, CHS have sought to educate all candidates about our platform and polled all three parties on issues important to our consumers. The responses to our poll can be found on our web site.

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Hearing Healthcare – time to take action – October 13, 2011

The Canadian Hearing Society issued a news release when the initiative was launched. The Canadian Hearing Society has actively worked to raise awareness of these issues and work toward solutions with Members of Provincial Parliament and government officials at Queen’s Park for a number of years by conducting meetings, holding our annual CHS Day at Queen’s Park and participating in ongoing government consultations.

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