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Bouchons pour la natation et protection contre le bruit

You can order custom-made swim plugs and noise protection from CHS.

Swim plugs

Swim plugs or molds are ideal for anyone who needs to keep their ear canals dry due to a history of ear infections, ear surgery or chronic conditions such as drainage. Swim molds keep out most of the moisture that can aggravate outer ear conditions making bathing, showering and swimming less worrisome. They’re custom made for your ears, have a floatable design and come in a rainbow of colours.

Noise protection

Custom-moulded noise plugs have many benefits. They:

  • block out noise to help you sleep better
  • protect your hearing from potentially damaging recreational or work-related noise
  • stay in your ears better than generic disposable noise plugs
  • can be filtered to block some sounds without hindering your enjoyment of concerts or live theatre

For more information and to order swim plugs or noise plugs, contact a CHS audiologist at a location near you.

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