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William Sound Personal FM Systems

Personal / Portable FM Systems – for use without a sound system

Personal / Portable FM systems are battery operated and broadcast voice or any audio source up to 150 feet, indoors or outdoors. FM systems improve the quality of sound by reducing background noise. The presenter wears a compact, body-pack style transmitter with microphone. The transmitter delivers the sound directly to individual receivers worn by participants. Adjustable volume controls on the receivers coupled with a variety of headset options including a neckloop for telecoil equipped hearing aids, allows each person to customize their listening experience.

Customize your package, start small and add single channel or multi-channel receivers as your needs grow. All receivers can be used with either regular alkaline batteries or re-chargeable batteries with charging and storage case options.

Ideal for:

  • Areas without a sound system and where portability is a requirement such as:
    • lectures
    • museum and bus tours
    • small meetings
    • outdoor activities

For more information contact CHS Corporate Services:

Phone: 1-866-518-0000

TTY: 1-877-215-9530


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