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Corporate Products Categories

Text-to-Text Communication Systems

Text-to-text communication systems are interactive face-to-face communication tools that provide a means of communicating with your customers or employees. These portable systems enable people who are Deaf or have a hearing loss to communicate face-to-face instantly.

Ideal for:

  • a variety of setting including:
    • hospitals
    • financial institutions
    • police services
    • government offices
    • customer service counters
    • employment settings and more


Email CHS Corporate Services
Call: 1-855-548-2433
TTY: 1-877-215-9530

Auditory alarms, whether activated by heat, smoke, or toxic fumes, warn of imminent danger by sound. For customers or employes who are Deaf or have hearing loss, these life saving emergency notification measures fail completely. Systems that incorporate high-intensity flash/strobe lights that are strong enough to attract attention are essential to the safety of your customers or employees who may be deaf, oral deaf, deafened, or hard of hearing.

In-house Emergency Paging System

A wireless paging system, connected to your fire panel, immediately notifies users of emergency situations via a vibrating pager, or by sending a text message to LCD displays placed throughout your facility, keeping everyone in your place of business aware of emergency alerts.

Please speak to one of our Consultants for other solutions that may work for you.


Email CHS Corporate Services
Call: 1-855-548-2433
TTY: 1-877-215-9530

Assistive listening systems include FM, Infrared or loop systems. They are designed to connect the sound from the main speaker, sound system or other audio source and send the signal directly to wireless receivers worn by people with a hearing loss. The receivers allow individuals to adjust the volume to a comfortable level and can be used with a variety of headsets, including neckloop listening accessories for those with telecoil equipped hearing aids. Assistive Listening systems help to reduce background noise and compensate for poor room acoustics or distance from the sound source. Assistive Listening Systems can be portable and/or permanently installed and are recommended for all meeting assemblies where people with a hearing loss are present including; tours, lectures, small to large meeting venues, classrooms, places of worship, courtrooms, and theatres.


Email CHS Corporate Services
Call: 1-855-548-2433
TTY: 1-877-215-9530

Soundfield systems are portable sound systems which clearly amplify a presenters/teachers voice. Consisting of one or more microphones and one or more loudspeakers, Soundfield Systems provide even sound coverage within a room.

In the classroom, hearing is essential for learning. In meeting rooms, presentations are lost if they are not audible. Soundfield Systems provide the amplification you need, when you need it. It is the most flexible amplification solution for classrooms, boardrooms, nursing homes and small to mid-sized meeting rooms.


Email CHS Corporate Services
Call: 1-855-548-2433
TTY: 1-877-215-9530

Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) has an opening for a Program Assistant, based in Toronto, who will provide reception, administrative, and program support including providing technical device services and support, organizing internal/external meetings, and processing monetary transactions. 

Your rights and responsibilities:



Scholarships break down barriers and create bright futures for Deaf and hard of hearing students

Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) has an opening for a Program Assistant, based in Sudbury, who will provide general reception and administrative functions including facilitating building and equipment maintenance and coordinating boardroom rentals. 

Raymond brings over 20 years of strategic business development experience, obtained in both the financial services (overseeing life sciences and medtech) and, over the past decade, directly within the healthcare sector.

Marilyn Brophy, CFA, C.Dir.

Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) has an opening for an OIS Assignment Coordinator, English-French role in Ottawa who will be responsible for arranging interpreting services for culturally Deaf, oral Deaf, Deafened, hard of hearing and hearing consumers throughout Ontario. OIS provides ASL-English and LSQ-French interpreting services. In this role, you will be responsible for taking requests and scheduling interpreters, undertake the financial processing and reporting of the service, in addition to educating clients and the public on the appropriate use of services. 

DATE:  December 11, 2019
POSITION:  ASL-English Sign Language Interpreter
LOCATION:  Toronto 
START DATE: Immediately
MINIMUM START SALARY: $61,936.54 per annum
POSITION STATUS: Permanent; Full-time; 35 hours per week

Dr. Joe McLaughlin, Ed.D

Dr. McLaughlin is the CEO at McLaughlin Educational Consulting Services focusing on specialized education communities.  In addition to extensive experience with diverse organizations at local, provincial, national and international levels, he provides leadership development, policy governance and strategic planning.


Meet Pat Morano.

Pat was just two years old when she became Deaf after battling Meningitis. It wasn’t until Pat was enrolled in an elementary school that she was able to learn sign language from her teachers and Deaf peers and then better communicate with those around her. When she was 11 years, she made her first visit to CHS to purchase her first communication device – a TTY. She continued on to a mainstream high school made accessible through the use of ASL interpreters. 

Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) has an opening for an Administrative Assistant, based in Toronto, who will support the operations of the Counselling Programs in different regions by providing various administrative, coordination and logistical services. 


Vtech Cordless Extension Ringer

( to use with Vtech models SN5147 or SN5127 )

Regular price $39.95 plus HST


Super Loud Ringer

Flashing LED Visual Alert

Wall Mountable

Uses one AA alkaline battery (included)

Includes AC Power Adaptor

Adjustable Siren Volume

1 Year Warranty


Vtech Cordless Audio Doorbell

( to use with Vtech models SN5147 or SN5127 )

Regular price $39.95 plus HST


2 – Way Audio Doorbell

Weather Resistant

Expandable to maximum of 3 doorbells

Changeable Chime

Adjustable Chime Volume

Wall Mountable

Uses one AA alkaline battery (included)

Doorbell Ringing LED indicator

1 Year Warranty


Vtech Wearable Home SOS Pendant

(to use with Vtech models SN5147 or SN5127)

Regular price $39.99 plus HST


One-Button Emergency Call Dialer

Water Resistant

Battery Status Check

Buzzer alert when button is pressed

User pre-recordable emergency message

Vtech Cordless Expandable Extra Handset with Photo Memory Buttons

( requires Vtech models SN5147 or SN5127 to work )

Regular Price $44.99 plus HST


Photo Dial

Visual Ringer Indicator

Talking Caller ID


Vtech Cordless Expandable Extra Handset

( requires  Vtech models SN5147 or SN5127 to work )

Regular Price $49.99 plus HST


50 decibel amplification with volume slider control

3 setting Tone Control

Call Display

90 decibel ringer volume

Visual Ringer Indicator

Big Buttons


1 Year Warranty


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