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Corporate Products Categories

Text-to-Text Communication Systems

Text-to-text communication systems are interactive face-to-face communication tools that provide a means of communicating with your customers or employees. These portable systems enable people who are Deaf or have a hearing loss to communicate face-to-face instantly.

Ideal for:

  • a variety of setting including:
    • hospitals
    • financial institutions
    • police services
    • government offices
    • customer service counters
    • employment settings and more


Email CHS Corporate Services
Call: 1-855-548-2433
TTY: 1-877-215-9530

Auditory alarms, whether activated by heat, smoke, or toxic fumes, warn of imminent danger by sound. For customers or employes who are Deaf or have hearing loss, these life saving emergency notification measures fail completely. Systems that incorporate high-intensity flash/strobe lights that are strong enough to attract attention are essential to the safety of your customers or employees who may be deaf, oral deaf, deafened, or hard of hearing.

In-house Emergency Paging System

A wireless paging system, connected to your fire panel, immediately notifies users of emergency situations via a vibrating pager, or by sending a text message to LCD displays placed throughout your facility, keeping everyone in your place of business aware of emergency alerts.

Please speak to one of our Consultants for other solutions that may work for you.


Email CHS Corporate Services
Call: 1-855-548-2433
TTY: 1-877-215-9530

Assistive listening systems include FM, Infrared or loop systems. They are designed to connect the sound from the main speaker, sound system or other audio source and send the signal directly to wireless receivers worn by people with a hearing loss. The receivers allow individuals to adjust the volume to a comfortable level and can be used with a variety of headsets, including neckloop listening accessories for those with telecoil equipped hearing aids. Assistive Listening systems help to reduce background noise and compensate for poor room acoustics or distance from the sound source. Assistive Listening Systems can be portable and/or permanently installed and are recommended for all meeting assemblies where people with a hearing loss are present including; tours, lectures, small to large meeting venues, classrooms, places of worship, courtrooms, and theatres.


Email CHS Corporate Services
Call: 1-855-548-2433
TTY: 1-877-215-9530

Soundfield systems are portable sound systems which clearly amplify a presenters/teachers voice. Consisting of one or more microphones and one or more loudspeakers, Soundfield Systems provide even sound coverage within a room.

In the classroom, hearing is essential for learning. In meeting rooms, presentations are lost if they are not audible. Soundfield Systems provide the amplification you need, when you need it. It is the most flexible amplification solution for classrooms, boardrooms, nursing homes and small to mid-sized meeting rooms.


Email CHS Corporate Services
Call: 1-855-548-2433
TTY: 1-877-215-9530

Deanna, visiting her mom, Phyllis, at a long-term care home, and using the Comfort Duet Personal Amplifier from Canadian Hearing Services to communicate with her mom.

One-on-one communication can be frustrating for individuals experiencing hearing loss, as well as for caregivers and their families who look forward to meaningful connections. Finding the right solution can break down communication barriers and help people communicate more effectively.

Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) has an opening for a Mental Health Psychotherapist (CONNECT Counsellor), based in Mississauga. Reporting to the Program Manager, Counselling Services, the Mental Health Psychotherapist (CONNECT Counsellor) will be responsible for screening, assessing, and providing ongoing client therapy, counselling, and case management to deaf and hard of hearing customers.






Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) has an opening for a Graphic Designer who will work closely with the Director of Marketing and Communications and team to develop strong and breakthrough creative ideas and concepts for various organizational brand campaigns, events and experiences. Through various platforms including social media channels and tools, you will assist in designing and delivering both ideas and social and visual assets to clearly articulate conceptual direction.

Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) is the industry-leading provider of services and products that enable Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians to overcome barriers to communication and engagement. We are the largest and only Accredited organization of its kind in North America. Building on its 80-year history and following a remarkable and ambitious turnaround, CHS is a modern, progressive and professional organization well-positioned for growth both nationally and internationally.


Over the past few months, many Canadians have been transitioning to a new way of working from home. While many of us are grateful to have a bit of a shorter commute in our day, adjusting to communicating with our coworkers through various digital platforms has proven crucial to remaining productive and connected during these challenging times.

  • Offers an adjustable receiving volume control to more that 50 decibels of amplification level

  • Adjustable tone control that helps with clarity of conversation

  • Big button keypad

  • 12 one touch memory buttons

  • Hands free Speakerphone

  • Adjustable receiving volume to up to 30 decibels of maximum amplification level 

  • Adjustable receiving tone control helps with clarity of conversation

  • Can raise outgoing voice by 4 decibels

  • 12 one touch memory buttons

  • Big button keypad

  • The Sennheiser 860 FM set delivers clear enhanced sound. 

  • Allows you to choose from 3 different preset hearing profiles

  • Lightweight under the chin wireless headset applies no pressure to the head

  • Speech intelligibility function reduces background noise and enhances speech

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Créée en 2017, la Semaine nationale de l'Accessibilité célèbre, promeut et met en valeur la diversité, l'inclusion et l'accessibilité dans ce pays, et met en lumière certaines des initiatives importantes visant à créer un Canada accessible.




Established in 2017, National AccessAbility Week celebrates, promotes and showcases the diversity, inclusion and accessibility in this country, and highlights some of the important initiatives aimed at creating an Accessible Canada.



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