Corporate products

Canada’s leading provider of consultancy services, products and information related to deafness and hearing loss.

  • Accessibility consulting expertise to corporations, financial institutions, small to mid-size business, all levels of government, hospitals, retirement and long term care facilities, as well as places of education 
  • Assistance with employee accommodation. 
  • We can provide an initial assessment, help you select communications devices, set up a digital media captioning service or provide any custom accessibility advice, service or audit, custom fit to your organization. 

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•    Trusted accessibility experts
•    Product and service recommendations and solutions customized to fit your needs
•    On-site training to help you get the most out of your communication devices
•    Digital media captioning services for your video content
•    Accessibility consulting experts who are culturally Deaf and hard of hearing
•    Thoroughly tested accessibility and adaptive technology products and services
•    Support after the sale to deliver product and service support and coordinate repairs with the manufacturers

Your investment has another benefit you can be proud of: Proceeds from corporate consultancy sales are invested back into free programs like skills training and counselling services, CHS has been a registered charity since 1940. 
We have organized our services into three main pillars, based on the majority of clients we serve: 1) Business and Government; 2) Hospitals / Long Term Care / Retirement, 3) Places of Worship. Please select one of these choices now to learn more about organization specific products and solutions.

Hospitals, Long-Term Care Homes and Retirement Facilities

Every day, health care facilities strive to deliver high-quality, accessible care to patients and residents with a wide range of needs. To provide the best care and fully understand the needs of your patients or residents, staff and families need to be able to clearly communicate with each other. CHS Consultants work with health care administrators and directors to select the communications devices that patients and residents need to ease and improve communication with staff, loved ones and other residents.

Business and Government

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act is now law in Ontario, and accessibility is an important goal  for business, government and the workplace. Communicating effectively with your customers is essential to promoting your products and services and we understand these communications needs and  the challenges of corporate and government workplaces. Our consultants can help you meet your accessibility goals, help you sell more of your product or service and increase barrier-free access in your office for employees, customers and clients.

Places of Worship

Places of worship are sanctuaries that welcome congregants to celebrate and pray together. Yet their physical design can prevent some congregants from fully participating in worship services due to poor acoustics or sound systems. CHS Consultants help congregations choose communications devices and implement interpretation services that reduce barriers and keep you connected to every member of your congregation.