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Corporate Planner | Toronto| COMPETITION # 2019-003

DATE:  January 15, 2019
POSITION:  Corporate Planner
LOCATION: Toronto (Head Office)
START DATE:  Immediate
POSITION STATUS:  Permanent; Full-Time; 35 hours per week.
The Corporate Planner is the lead in two portfolios:  Planning and Training.
Corporate Planning: The Corporate Planner is responsible for the organization’s operational planning, alignment of all key performance indicators to the strategic plan, and for internal and external reporting of corporate performance. Further responsibilities include ensuring collaboration and communication to deliver and measure the intended strategic results in a timely manner.
As the Corporate Planner, he or she will:
lead the business/operational planning process;
develop the framework;
be accountable for completion of the digital data/ comments input;
monitor and analyze the results;
produce monthly, quarterly and annual reports for 3-4 levels of the organization;
provide decision support to the Executive and Senior Management Teams;
The Corporate Planner will be responsible for the overall training of the system users, the implementation of new technologies supporting operating planning within CHS, the ongoing sustainability of the systems and processes as well as the relationship with the offsite Software Team support.
Employee Training: The Corporate Planner is responsible for the coordination of all  staff training matters within CHS. The Corprate Planner will take the lead in assessing the staff needs in collaboration with the various Services and Programs.  He/ she will be responsible for staying up to date on new products and services as well as organizational directions in general and quickly adjust the training schedule to accommodate the learner’s needs.
As the Corporte Planner, he or she will:
Assess the training needs of staff.
Collaborate with Senior Management and different CHS departments to ensure training needs are met.
Schedule training for employees.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the CHS training programs.
Liaise with senior team members and executives to provide operational planning support for corporate initiatives.
Adapts the Balance Scorecard methodology steps and timelines to CHS’s operating environment, management style, corporate culture and resources.
Develop frameworks for project evaluation and monitoring, including performance indicator development.
Communicate and present project plans and outcomes to staff and senior executives.
Develop business cases, perform options analyses and develop recommendations using strategic thinking skills.
Support operational planning and monitoring activities by enhancing organizational understanding of CHS’s strategic plan and priorities.
Act as a resource across the organization to provide expertise in strategic and operational planning.
Liaise with internal and external stakeholders to ensure coordination of projects and information exchange.
Other duties/projects as assigned.
Corporate Planning:
Develops and manages implementation of CHS’s operational planning and performance management system.
Develops communication and ongoing reporting strategies to ensure subject matter experts within CHS are effectively engaged in the assessment of the operating
  environment as part of defining or adjusting the organizational strategies.
Ensures CHS is achieving its Strategic/Operational Plan objectives in the most efficient and effective manner.
Corporate Training:
Create, manage and coordinate Corporate training calendar.
Work with Senior Leadership and Human Resources to create customized training programs for Orientation, Onboarding and all Mandatory/Legislated training (such as H&S, WVP, etc.) provided though
   HR downloads (or appropriate LMS).
Schedule various training sessions with all programs and support departments to ensure that all training are aligned in collaboration with corporate needs (such as technical and soft-skills requirements).
Ensure that all training materials and sessions meet accessibility requirements (in conjunction with Interpreting and Translation department).
In collaboration with the Manager Accreditation and Quality, continually evaluate the training program, procedures, and methods to monitor and analyze course effectiveness and update training as needed.
Coordinate all in house training programs including maintaining a training schedule; setting up the training room; coordinating the use of equipment, materials, and speakers; as well as, tracking and reporting training
   attendance, and post-training collection of evaluation/feedback.
Maintain training records on the training delivered.
Support Lunch and Learns.
Provide support to internal and external committees, including summarizing ideas, research, analysis and next steps.
Develop and write proposals and briefings for professional audiences.
Cultivate and build relationships with staff and executives across the organization to enable successful completion of deliverables.
Personal and Professional Development:
Attend department/internal staff meetings.
Attend and participate in CHS management meetings and subsequent task groups.
Attend and participate in workshops/ seminars/continuing education courses related to position.
Keep up to date on issues and information related to the profession, the position and the agency.
Acquire and maintain the ASL proficiency requirements for the position (Advanced Plus).
Reports to VP, Finance and Corporate Support
Graduate Degree in Health Administration, Business Administration or related field.
Minimum three (3) years of experience working in a healthcare environment.
Working knowledge of strategic and operation planning, balance scorecard methodology, project management and corporate communications. 
Experience leading projects in a healthcare environment, preferred.
Recent experience in business and workflow analysis and change management planning
Recent experience with Project Management systems and BSC tools such as Envisio.
Experience writing proposals and briefings.
Experience in interpreting quantitative and qualitative health care data to inform initiatives.
Well-developed ability to evaluate situations and make judgment calls on situations, such as timeliness of escalating issues.
Ability to demonstrate flexibility and adapt to changing priorities and expectations.
Ability to create clarity out of ambiguous situations and requirements, independently and through consultation with knowledge experts.
Superior interpersonal skills.
CLOSING DATE:  January 24, 2019 Internal*, External - Until Filled
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