How Your Gift Changes Lives



client success story: Amy



Canadian Hearing Services client, Amy, is just one example of how Canadian Hearing Services has helped individuals to break through barriers and become empowered. When Amy contacted Canadian Hearing Services, she was living alone, struggling financially, had no family to lean on and was beginning to find daily life extremely overwhelming. 





client success story: Asiyah

picture of Asiyah smiling  ASL

In 2019, Asiyah moved to London, Ontario from Guyana. Asiyah had very limited English skills and came from a family that strongly valued education. When Asiyah moved to Canada, she began to search for a program that supports Deaf adults and came across Canadian Hearing Services (CHS). Jennifer, a CHS Settlement Services Counsellor, took Asiyah on a tour of the classroom, and Asiyah immediately fell in love with the space and atmosphere, enrolled in the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program, and has been a student there ever since.



Client success story: Farah

picture of Farah smiling  ASL


For years, Farah had worked in a bank as an IT professional. She acquired a wide range of experience from developing software to analysing technical business needs. As the years went on, she noticed her hearing start to decline, and with this, her frustration grew. Farah decided to pursue a cochlear implant and took time off from the labour force to recover from the surgery and adapt to her new implant. 




picture of woman smilingASL

Hearing loss and the ability to communicate effectively can have a significant impact on our overall health, including our mental health. When communication barriers are present, people may find it difficult to interact with others and may avoid social situations, often leading to social isolation and loneliness.

Denise Borremans is very familiar with the communication challenges hearing loss can create. Denise has been hard of hearing most of her life, but always found ways to overcome communication barriers.


Client Success Story: Robyn 

portrait picture of woman smilingHearing loss can have a profound impact in many areas of our lives - at home with family, in the community, at school or at work. 

Hearing health and the ability to communicate effectively at work can impact how successful and satisfied we are with our employment. Ensuring the right support is in place to manage hearing loss and finding the right solutions can make a world of difference in breaking down communication barriers.

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Client Success Story: Phyllis 

Client Phyllis with husband FrankUntreated hearing loss has been documented to be connected to social isolation, loneliness and reduced quality of life [2] [3] [4]. As people develop hearing loss, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to interact with others, often resulting in avoidance of social situations and potential withdrawal from family and friends. 

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Client Success Story: Ruby

Woman outside smiling and using smart phoneHello, my name is Ruby. I am culturally Deaf and my first language is American Sign Language (ASL). The counselling services at Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) have always been such an important part of my life over the years. But when COVID-19 disrupted the world, my counsellor’s support became even more crucial.

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Client Success Story: John

elderly man smiling and standing beside his wife“Hello, I am hard of hearing. If you directly look at me and speak slowly, I will have a better chance of communicating with you.”

That is a statement I now make but I would not have prior to taking the Sound Advice on Hearing Health workshop at Canadian Hearing Services - run by very skilled, personable and professional counsellors.

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Client Success Story: Ruth

woman smiling and sitting outdoorsA few years ago, while having a conversation with my husband Eric, about a delicious meal I had at a restaurant, something became clear. He misunderstood most of what I had described. I realized that he had some form of hearing loss and it was time for hearing aids. After much procrastination, he finally got them, but he didn’t wear them much. I now understand how common that is.

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Client success story: Shadae 

ShadaeWhen Shadae began the Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) program at Canadian Hearing Services (CHS), she was quite shy. However, with encouragement, practice, and hard work, “She’s become more confident and outgoing,” according to her LBS instructor.

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Client success story: Ramandeep 

Ramandeep smiling into cameraGrowing up in India, Ramandeep had no idea anyone else was Deaf like her. She used homemade sign language with family and some friends to communicate, but because she was shy, she would never communicate with anyone unless they knew her homemade language.  

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Student's Accessibility School Project Lands Grant for CHS

A student stands next to his teacher holding an oversized chequeTenth grader Emmanuel Rogerson was working as a cashier at a McDonald’s when a Deaf customer approached the counter. Emmanuel is hearing and doesn’t know sign language, so completing the customer’s order was difficult as the two struggled to communicate. 

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Deafblind Services Client Enjoys Independence, Quality Time with Family

Woman sitting on bench overlooking lakeAs a Deafblind Intervenor, sometimes I need to think outside the box. I, along with an experienced team at CHS, provide the visual and auditory information necessary to enable people with deafblindness interact successfully with other people and their environment.

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Deafblind Essential Worker Returns to Work Thanks to CHS Support 

A man and woman standing together wearing face masksOn March 17, 2020, Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) closed its doors to in-person service due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of our staff transitioned to working from home and began providing service virtually. However, my job as a Deafblind Intervenor requires face-to-face interaction with clients to provide clear communication, both auditorily and visually. 

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Deafblind Client’s Woodworking Business Thriving with Support from CHS

Carpenter woodworkingWhen some people hear the word “Deafblind” they tend to think about a person’s disability instead of their abilities. As a Deafblind Support Worker with Canadian Hearing Services (CHS), I am happy to share the amazing abilities of one of my many talented clients.

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Student Stories: Canadian Hearing Services National Scholarship Program

Three scholarship recipientsCanadian Hearing Services (CHS) proudly offers scholarships to Deaf and hard of hearing students to help break down barriers to higher education and build brighter futures. 

You can see video testimonials from past scholarship recipients on our CHS National Scholarship Program page. 

CHS National Scholarship Program