CHS Interpreting Services Terms and Conditions of Service

Terms and Conditions of Service

Requests for Interpreting Service

1.1    Requests will be made to the Centralized Scheduling Service.

1.2 Requests may be made by TTY, phone, fax, email, and Skype.

1.3 Requests should be made at least two weeks before the service is needed. Short-notice requests will be considered but the likelihood of securing an interpreter is considerably lessened.

1.4 The requester shall provide the following information;

  • Name and contact information of the person making the request;
  • Name and contact information of the person who will receive the invoice (if the assignment is billable);
  • The date, time, and location of assignment;
  • Names of participants in the assignment;
  • The type/details of assignment, including prep material if available
  • Any known or potential health, safety, or security concerns
  • Language required (ASL-English, LSQ-French)
  • Name of preferred interpreter(s); if any
  • Preferred delivery method [onsite service or Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) service]; if any

1.5 Once received, a request is reviewed, prioritized and added to the CHS Interpreting Services database.

1.6 All requests will be acknowledged (usually by email) within two (2) business days and will include an assignment number for reference. If an acknowledgement is not received, the requester should contact the Centralized Scheduling Service .

1.7 The person making the request will be the sole contact person for the request unless a different contact person is assigned by the requester. If the requestor is not directly associated with the agency, business, or service responsible for the cost of service, if any, a representative from the applicable agency, business or service will be contacted to confirm service and be notified of the applicable terms.

1.8 Regardless of who initiates the request, the agency, business or service deemed to be the primary provider of service will be responsible for adhering to all CHS Interpreting Services Terms and Conditions and applicable rates.  This is consistent with Provincial and Federal legislation.

1.9 Any request to record (audio or visual) or live-stream interpreting service must be made in advance and agreed to by CHS Interpreting Services in writing.

Priority Requests

2.1 When necessary, the following priorities will be used to determine the order in which requests for services are honoured:

  • Priority 1: Critical life events, emergencies and urgent situations that require immediate service including: emergency medical and mental health situations
  • Priority 2: Situations that require urgent service including: many social services; some employment services (i.e. job interviews, disciplinary meetings), urgent personal matters
  • Priority 3: Remaining social service and employment services, Deaf organization or club business;
  • Priority 4: Events for which access to communication is desirable including recreational and social activities
Searching for Interpreters

3.1 Subject to the priorities listed above (2.1), all requests are treated equally. However, given the shortage of qualified interpreters in Ontario and the high demand for service, some requests may not be filled.

3.2 The requester may decide when the Assignment Coordinator may stop searching for interpreters to fill the request. If no search deadline is specified, the Assignment Coordinator will continue the search up to 4 pm on the day before the assignment date.

Processing the Request

4.1 When interpreters are identified as available, they will be temporarily assigned.

4.2 The CHS Interpreting Services Assignment Coordinator will contact the requester when an available interpreter has been identified.

4.3 Search progress reports will be supplied by the CHS Interpreting Services Assignment Coordinator upon request.

4.4 The requester then has two (2) business days to respond and confirm the assignment; if a confirmation is not received from the requester, the temporary assignment may be cancelled.

4.5 If a search deadline has been set, the CHS Interpreting Services Assignment Coordinator will inform the requester by 4 pm on the deadline date that the search will cease.


5.1 Once the booking has been confirmed, the Assignment Coordinator will issue a Confirmation Email including:

  • Assignment #
  • Date and Time
  • Location
  • Deaf Consumer
  • Interpreter(s)

5.2 Once the Confirmation Email is received the assignment is considered confirmed.  All CHS Interpreting Services Terms and Conditions, including cancellation and Rates and Fees will apply.

Recommended Number or Interpreters

6.1 Assignments that are up to 2 hours long typically require 1 interpreter.

6.2 Some assignments of fewer than 2 hours that are particularly complex may require 2 interpreters.

6.3 Some assignments may require additional interpreters based on the specific communication needs of the Deaf participant (e.g. Deaf Interpreter)

6.4 Assignments of more than 2 hours will require either 2 or 3 interpreters.

6.5 Conferences of 1 day or more, 2 interpreters are always required, and 3 or 4 may be needed.

6.6 Decisions about the number of interpreters needed for larger conferences will be made after discussion between the Assignment Coordinator and the interpreter(s).

Interpreter Preference

7.1 CHS Interpreting Services will make every effort to secure a preferred interpreter, if one is requested.

7.2 If the preferred interpreter is not available, CHS Interpreting Services will inform the requester. If the requester agrees, CHS Interpreting Services will attempt to secure an alternate interpreter.

Service Delivery Method

8.1 Interpreting service may be delivered through various methods;

  • On-site [when all participants and the interpreter(s) are in one location]
  • Remotely via telephone [when one or more hearing participants is off-site, but the Deaf Consumer and the interpreter are in the same location]
  • Remotely via Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) [when the Deaf and hearing participants are in one location and the interpreter joins via a secured video link]

8.2 All options will be considered, in consultation with the participants, to determine which methods are viable and which is the most appropriate prior to confirming service. 

8.3 Regardless of the service delivery method utilized all CHS Interpreting Services policies will apply. 

8.4 Corresponding published rates fees, terms and conditions will also apply and may change without notice.