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Turning Down Noise Pollution (CBC Radio Interview)
August 16, 2023

Canadian Hearing Services’ Director or Hearing Healthcare, Rex Banks, was recently interviewed by CBC Radio to discuss the importance of hearing health and how noise pollution can affect your hearing and quality of life.
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Why keeping on top of your hearing health is just as important as a regular visit to the doctor or dentist   ASL
March 24, 2023

Canadian Hearing Services’ Director or Hearing Healthcare, Rex Banks, was recently interviewed by CBC Radio on the importance of hearing health. In the interview, Rex provides information on the trends we are seeing in hearing health, the importance of regular hearing health check-ups, the impacts of hearing loss, as well as tips on prevention.

Inclusive access to Islamic knowledge among challenges faced by Deaf community in Halton
March 6 2023

Not being seen in a world that isn’t always accessible is a reality for many in the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Researcher advocates for equity in children’s hearing health care
January 24, 2023

Recipient of the 2023 American Academy of Audiology’s Marion Downs Pediatric Audiology Award, Bagatto’s first steps in adding advocacy work to her program of research will be taken as a recipient of the inaugural Canadian Hearing Services Global Partnerships for Research & Innovation Grant. The grant will fund a study to map the social determinants of infant hearing health care in Canada, identify the reasons for regional deficiencies and determine the cost to Canadians when infant hearing issues go unidentified.

Improving Deaf Accessibility in the Workplace
October 2022

For the Deaf and hard of hearing community, employment can represent a tremendous challenge. Many find the job-seeking experience to be daunting, while others face employers who don’t feel they have the capacity to hire a hard of hearing employee.

COVID-19 could be causing your ears to ring. Here’s what we know.
March 2022

Can COVID-19 be causing your ears to ring? CHS Director of Hearing Healthcare, Rex Banks, was recently interviewed by Global News to discuss possible reasons for post-virus tinnitus, as well as treatment options.

What Your Earwax Says About Your Health
December 2021

The colour, consistency and even odour of our earwax can tell us a lot about our health. CHS Director of Hearing Healthcare, Rex Banks, was recently interviewed by Reader’s Digest Canada to discuss this interesting and important topic.

NRP equipped with tools to better communicate with deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals
August 2021

Niagara Regional Police are being given better tools to communicate with people who are hard of hearing, including placards for officers to keep in their cruisers and access to professional sign language interpretation services as needed.

Reduce isolation and loneliness with support from Canadian Hearing Services - Stay connected! Don’t let untreated hearing loss impact your social connections
June 2021

For many Canadians, public health guidelines and directives related to preventing the spread of COVID-19 – such as social distancing and self-isolation – have been increasingly associated with an impact on mental health and a resulting sense of loneliness. But for people with hearing loss, social isolation and loneliness have been long-standing concerns for which many others are only now becoming aware.

Does the provincial mandatory mask regulation alienate deaf and hard of hearing people?
May 2021

When face masks were provincially mandated, deaf and hard of hearing people lost the option to lip read when communicating with hearing and non-signing people wearing masks. Doctor of audiology and director of hearing health at Canadian Hearing Services, Rex Banks, explains why face masks can be a barrier to communication and provides some helpful tips on how to mitigate these barriers.

Client success story: Ramandeep
April 2021
Growing up in India, Ramandeep had no idea anyone else was Deaf like her. She used homemade sign language with family and some friends to communicate, but never learned formal sign language or how to read or write. She was disconnected and shy. But that all changed after Ramandeep enrolled in the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program at Canada Hearing Services.

New service offers on-demand sign language interpreter
April 2021
Quinte West councillors are considering a new service provided by Canadian Hearing Services (CHS), called Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), that would allow for Deaf or hard of hearing people to get  sign language interpreters on demand.  CHS Client Engagement Director, Michael Warburton, explains how this service eliminates the issue of travel, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic , overpaying for bookings and the lack of immediacy.

Deafblind essential worker returns to work thanks to CHS support 
April 2021

Deafblind Services client Craig, who works in manufacturing, was affected by the pandemic in March 2020 when the company he works for shut down. Soon after, CHS received a call from his employer informing us that Craig’s position was deemed essential and he needed to return to work, but with new enhanced health and safety measures put in place. With the assistance of Deafblind Services, Craig was able to return to work safely.

Deafblind Services client enjoys independence, quality time with family
April 2021
When Deafblind Services client, Karen, first came to CHS, she would only leave her apartment to see her family once a month. In that time, Karen had to complete all her errands, which left very little time for meaningful time spent with her family. By using Deafblind Services, she can now spend quality time with her family and have the freedom to continue to live an independent life.

Is enough being done to combat noise pollution from loud vehicles?
April 2021

With spring officially here, car enthusiasts and motorcyclists will soon be taking their vehicles out of storage and hitting the road. Along with this increase in traffic comes an increase in noise. And, along with disturbing others, these loud noises can also have an effect on your health. Doctor of audiology and director of hearing health at Canadian Hearing Services, Rex Banks, explains how noise pollution can impact hearing.

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Health and People with Hearing Problems
March 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increased prevalence of mental health problems among the general population. CHS Audiologist, Dany Pineault, explains how patients with pre-existing hearing problems have been impacted by the pandemic.

Deafblind client’s woodworking business thriving with support from CHS
March 2021
When some people hear the word “Deafblind” they tend to think about a person’s disability instead of their abilities. As one of our Deafblind Support Worker's explains, with support from CHS, one of our talented Deafblind Services clients has found a way to thrive.

Let's Talk About Hearing Loss
January 28, 2021
Untreated hearing loss has been documented to be connected to social isolation, loneliness and reduced quality of life. As people develop hearing loss, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to interact with others, often resulting in avoidance of social situations and potential withdrawal from family and friends.  Find out how with the help of CHS Hearing Care Counselling Services, CHS client, Phyllis Salem, was able to better cope with her hearing loss, turning what seemed like big obstacles into opportunities, leading to improved quality of life and well-being. 

Student's accessibility school project lands grant for CHS
December 2020

A student from Whitby, Ontario has been awarded the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) Grant. Emmanuel Rogerson advocated for Canadian Hearing Services, which empowers Deaf and hard of hearing people. Emmanuel's win means CHS will be awarded funding to continue its work. The YPI initiative exposes high school students to social issues, local charities, and philanthropy.

Client success story: Shadae
December 2020

Since enrolling in CHS's Literacy and Basic Skills program, Shadae is more confident and outgoing - she also has a new job!

Assistive Tech Improving the Lives of People with Hearing Loss
October 22, 2020

According to Statistics Canada, more than one million adults across the country reported having a hearing-related disability. Yet, many Canadians impacted by hearing-related disabilities, continue to face barriers to communication and a lack of accessibility. Michael Warburton, Director of Client Engagement for Canadian Hearing Services, explains the vital role of technology in enabling people with accessibility challenges to live healthy, productive, independent, and dignified lives.

Masks, Plexiglas create barriers for Ontario’s hearing loss community
October 20, 2020
Rex Banks, a doctor of audiology and director of hearing health at Canadian Hearing Services, said there are numerous transcription apps out there that individuals can download to their mobile devices, but there are other ways to transcribe as well.

Western University Students create see-through masks for lip-reading
July 25. 2020
Two students at Western University have created one solution to assist the Deaf and hard of hearing with communication challenges and mandatory mask wearing. Our head of audiology, Rex Banks, shares information on this topic with CTV Ottawa.

The Push for Clear Masks
July 24, 2020
With masks now mandatory in many cities the Deaf and hard of hearing who rely on lip reading & visual cues face communication challenges. Our head of Audiology, Rex Banks, speaks with Marcia MacMillan of CTV News National on this topic.

Communication key while wearing face coverings: expert
July 21, 2020
Our head of audiology, Rex Banks, shares some communication strategies and tips on how to best communicate with the Deaf or hard of hearing.

Face shields not a good substitute for face masks, says Sudbury's health unit
July 9, 2020
To slow the spread of COVID-19, mas wearing has become a part of many people’s lives. But it can also pose a challenge for the Deaf and hard of hearing who may rely on lip reading and other visual cues. Our head of audiology, Rex Banks, weighs in.

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