Audiology Services at CHS

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Audiological care at Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) is Person and Family-Centred.  Your needs, values, beliefs and preferences are important. Person and Family-Centred care at CHS includes:

  • Communication that is genuine, trusting, and respectful 
  • A relationship that promotes your participation 
  • Understanding your concerns and how they impact you 
  • Learning your preferences for support and care
  • Engaging with your family (when appropriate and with permission)

Your CHS service will be strengthened by collaboration between all the professionals who support you. CHS believes that interprofessional collaboration is a key component for successful outcomes. Interprofessional collaboration at CHS may include:  

  • Service from more than one program  
  • Sharing appropriate information among your care team, only when it is necessary
  • Consulting with other professionals on your care team
  • Coordinating service and treatment with other professionals on your care team

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Audiology Services


CHS’s Audiology Program has modern, state-of-the-art facilities located in CHS offices throughout Ontario.  Services are provided to you by an experienced team of hearing healthcare professionals including audiologists (master’s and doctorate level) and hearing instrument specialists. 

Audiology services include: 

  • Hearing tests
  • Hearing aid evaluations, sales and comprehensive hearing aid follow-up services 
  • Hearing aid batteries, maintenance products and Bluetooth accessories
  • Tinnitus consultations and Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) 
  • Ear wax (cerumen) management
  • Home visits (*where available)
  • Earmolds, swim molds and noise protection
  • Workshops and classes
  • Aural rehabilitation sessions
  • Speech-Language Pathology (*Toronto) 

To find out more about our Audiology Services and to book an appointment, visit Hearing Tests.