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Charitable Remainder Trust

Give a future gift to Canadian Hearing Services that has benefits for you now.

When to consider a Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust is a good choice if you have assets such as bonds, stocks, mutual funds or real estate that you’d like to give to Canadian Hearing Services in the future, but you want the income it generates to support you or your heirs.

You receive the income or continue to use the property, and Canadian Hearing Services receives the principal after a specified period of time.

How you’ll benefit

With a Charitable Remainder Trust:

  • receive a tax receipt when you transfer assets to a trust that names Canadian Hearing Services as the capital beneficiary
  • receive lifetime income for you or your heirs
  • no probate fees and other estate costs
  • the trust remains your asset until death, at which point CHS will receive the “remainder” of the asset in the trust
  • beneficial treatment of capital gains
  • your gift can be honoured during your lifetime

A Charitable Remainder Trust can provide flexibility when planning your estate, allowing you to meet your obligations to loved ones while enabling you to leave a legacy to Canadian Hearing Services.

How to establish a Charitable Remainder Trust

To establish a Charitable Remainder Trust, please complete a Letter of Interest and send it to our fundraising department at or by fax at 1-833-366-4137.

Seek financial and legal advice

We strongly recommend you seek professional advice to ensure your financial goals are considered, your tax situation is reviewed, and your Planned Gift is tailored to your circumstances.


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