Toddler sitting in pile of leaves laughing

With tears in her eyes, Anna-Lee looked into the sweet face of her one-month old baby.  

Soren had just been diagnosed with mild to severe hearing loss in both ears and Anna-Lee and her husband Nick were scared. What would this mean for him? Would he have a difficult life? They didn't want him to struggle.  

But they didn't feel bad for long. They learned there's plenty Soren can do with some help along the way. Their son can lead a happy, independent life with support from Canadian Hearing Services and thoughtful donors like you. 

Thanks to donors like you, Soren will always have a place to turn for valuable resources and understanding.  

Soren's family first walked into Canadian Hearing Services when he was about a year old. They didn't know it yet, but Soren was about to meet someone who would play a crucial role in his language development and his life - his speech-language pathologist Almut. 

From the very beginning, Almut was very encouraging. She taught the family how to play with purpose - making the sounds of trains, planes and animals to help with Soren's speech development.  

We wish we could tell you Anna-Lee and Nick feel confident every day but there are times when they still worry about Soren's future. In those moments, Almut is there to remind them about all the wonderful progress Soren is making. 

"It's such a relief to have someone we can turn to - an expert in the field who is connected to a variety of great resources for our child - and donors like you who support Canadian Hearing Services." says Anna-Lee.