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Seniors: Why it’s so important to get your hearing tested

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A picture of a man in a blue shirt, Rex Banks.

Seniors:  Why it’s so important to get your hearing tested

By Rex Banks, M.A. CCC-A, Reg. CASLPO
Chief Audiologist

June is Senior’s Month in Ontario. This year’s theme is “Aging Without Boundaries: 30 Years of Celebrating Seniors”.

While there are many celebrity seniors who wear hearing aids or are hard of hearing, there are still many seniors who need hearing aids and don’t get them. A few famous people who have hearing loss and wear hearing aids include former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, Actor Kiefer Sutherland, and Legendary Guitarist Pete Townshend.

People with hearing loss often feel embarrassed and that they are coping with a condition that others can’t understand. They often try to bluff their way through situations and deny that there is a problem.  Although there is overwhelming evidence that hearing aids can help, only 1 in 5 who need hearing aids use them. It has also been reported that individuals with hearing loss wait 6 to 10 years before they seek help, during which time the impact of hearing loss increases.

Surprisingly, nearly 25% of adult Canadians have identified some form of hearing loss.  While more than 50% of people over age 65 have hearing loss due to the aging process, it’s also estimated that 1 in 6 baby boomers have a hearing problem.

Whether your hearing loss is due to aging, or is noise-induced, there is help.   Once evaluated, hearing loss can often be managed with appropriate hearing aids, safety devices, education and aural rehabilitation. Ninety percent of people with hearing loss can improve communication with properly fitted hearing aids and rehabilitative counseling. 

Age without boundaries, and get your hearing tested. As a senior 65 plus, you may have hearing loss and CHS can help. Make an appointment with an audiologist to get your hearing checked and get advice on how to manage your hearing loss and how to prevent more from occurring. Whether you need a hearing aid, assistive listening device, tinnitus therapy or strategies for communication, an audiologist can help you get reconnected to the world around you.   

Get your hearing tested
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