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The holiday season and your hearing

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By Rex Banks, Au.D. Reg. CASLPO, Doctor of Audiology

Director of Audiology

It’s that time of the year when families come together to celebrate and enjoy the holidays. Keeping your loved ones in the conversation and part of the celebration is one of the most important things you can do this holiday season. Even when surrounded by family members or a friend, those experiencing hearing difficulties can feel left out. Too often, unaddressed hearing loss can cause people to withdraw socially and experience sadness - or even symptoms of depression - during the holidays.

If you suspect a loved one may have hearing loss, lend inspiration and support by recommending that they go for a hearing test - and get hearing aids if they need them - this holiday season.

How hearing aids help
Addressing hearing loss can add to quality of life and strengthen ties with family and friends. Healthy relationships depend largely on good communication. Studies have shown that wearing hearing aids can improve relationships at home, your social life and the ability to join in groups. Wearing hearing aids may also raise one’s spirits this holiday season. People with untreated hearing loss often feel angry, frustrated, anxious, isolated, and depressed. But hearing aids help people become more socially engaged, feel a greater sense of safety and independence, and see a general improvement in their overall quality of life. Wearing hearing aids may even make one feel better about themselves as hearing aids help with emotional well-being. By wearing hearing aids, individuals may feel more in control of their lives and less critical of themselves by not missing out on conversations around them.

Hearing aid technology is more advanced than ever
If you have been thinking about getting hearing aids, now is the time. New technological advances have revolutionized hearing aids in recent years. Many are virtually invisible, sitting discretely and comfortably inside the ear canal or over the ear. Some are even waterproof or rechargeable. Best of all, they’re wireless. That means they’re able to stream sound from smartphones, home entertainment systems, and other electronics directly into your hearing aid at volumes just right for you. Today’s hearing aids help people of all ages maintain active and healthy lifestyles.

Book a hearing test
So start off this holiday season with a hearing test. Whether it’s conversation and laughter around the dinner table or watching a movie or sporting event together on the television, let the latest hearing aid technologies help you hear your best and stay connected with family and friends. Contact a CHS audiologist for more help and information. 

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