Farah's Story

Farah's Story

picture of woman smilingFor years, Farah had worked in a bank as an IT professional. She acquired a wide range of experience from developing software to analysing technical business needs. As the years went on, she noticed her hearing start to decline, and with this, her frustration grew. Farah decided to pursue a cochlear implant and took time off from the labour force to recover from the surgery and adapt to her new implant. 

After a few years when Farah was ready to return to work, she found that her skills were dated. She reached out to Employment Services at the Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) for assistance and guidance to get back into the workforce. Farah worked with an Employment Consultant at CHS, Mara, who directed her towards courses to increase her knowledge. Through working with Mara, Farah realised that she was being drawn to a new passion all together, social services and working with individuals with developmental disabilities. 

With this passion in mind, Mara helped refine Farah’s resume to reflect both her skills in IT and community services and assisted with Farah’s job search. With the help of her Employment Consultant, Farah was able to secure a position with the March of Dimes Canada (MODC) as a Program Administrative Team Lead managing Program Assistants for MODC across the country.

“I believe communication, listening and support empower our clients, and I am very pleased to walk this employment path with Farah,” says CHS Employment Consultant, Mara Waern. “She is a dynamic person who is very motivated and perseveres.”

If you are Deaf or hard of hearing and need help finding employment, career counselling or support in helping you succeed at your current job, contact CHS Employment Services at 1-866-518-0000, or by email at employmentservices@chs.ca