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Canadian Hearing Services helps daughter stay connected with mother in long-term care home

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Deanna, visiting her mom, Phyllis, at a long-term care home, and using the Comfort Duet Personal Amplifier from Canadian Hearing Services to communicate with her mom.

One-on-one communication can be frustrating for individuals experiencing hearing loss, as well as for caregivers and their families who look forward to meaningful connections. Finding the right solution can break down communication barriers and help people communicate more effectively.

Mississauga resident, Deanna, enjoys visiting her 98-year-old mom, Phyllis, regularly at her long-term care home. Over the past few years, it became apparent to Deanna that her mom’s hearing loss was rapidly changing. Deanna found herself feeling drained from shouting during her visits with her mom and noticed that communication with staff at the long-term care home presented many difficulties as well. Deanna was determined to find a solution that would improve communication for everyone involved in her mom’s care.

Deanna was able to find that solution when she attended a community presentation offered by Canadian Hearing Services (CHS). Following that presentation, Deanna connected with a CHS, Hearing Care Counsellor, Sunita Pereira. Sunita worked with Deanna and her mom to identify their needs, examined various options and ultimately found a solution that would work for both Deanna and her mom. Deanna’s mom, Phyllis could not manage well with a hearing aid, and was looking for a communication device that was comfortable, simple to use and cost-effective. With help and support from Sunita, Deanna and Phyllis selected the Comfort Duett Personal Amplifier with Headphones & Earbuds.

“Sunita is very knowledgeable and accessible - even during the COVID-19 pandemic she was available to support us. She worked with me to ensure my mom and the staff at the long-term care home were getting the best use from her device.” said Deanna.

“One solution does not fit all clients with hearing loss. It is important to work with clients/families to understand their unique needs and develop a plan together. As a Hearing Care Counsellor our role is to support families and clients throughout the process of finding, and then implementing these solutions.” explains Sunita.

The Comfort Duet Amplifier came in especially handy during the COVID-19 pandemic when Deanna’s mom’s long-term care home resumed in-person socially distanced family visits. “Thanks to the great support from Sunita and Canadian Hearing Services, my first visit with my mom in months was wonderful! With the personal amplifier, my mom was able to hear me, even though we were two meters apart and needing to wear masks.” said Deanna.

If you or a family member are experiencing hearing loss, contact Hearing Care Counselling Services for free counselling services to help you improve communication with family and friends, stay involved in social activities, and remain safe and independent.









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