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How do you communicate?

CHS is sparking conversation about the communication bridges between people who are Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing. Tell us about how you communicate on social media using the hashtag #HowDoYouCommunicate. Everyone is encouraged to participate during Speech and Hearing Awareness Month. 

Share your story with us today! 

Tweet to @CHSCanada: #HowDoYouCommunicate
Like us on Facebook and post your message: #HowDoYouCommunicate  
Send us an email:
Visit our website and post your message
Upload a video to YouTube: Hashtag #HowDoYouCommunicate


Here are some examples of what we have already gathered:

"I wear metallic pink hearing aids that say, ‘Look, I have a hearing loss,’ so people know how to communicate with me.”
--Diane Rita, Receptionist, Audiology, CHS

"An important lesson I’ve learned is that being Deaf is not an issue at all. How much a person can or cannot hear is not the problem. The problems lie in barriers which limit access only to those who can hear above a certain level as well as the attitudes of those who devalue contributions by Deaf, hard of hearing and deafened people.
-- Dr. Linda Campbell, Associate Professor, and Senior Research Fellow, Environmental Science, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

"Because I am Deaf, I communicate with my co-workers through Office Communicator, emailing, note writing, hand signals or through an interpreter."
--Heidi Larkin, Operations Servicing Officer, TD Bank Group

"CHS provided step-by-step supports for different stages and empowered me to adapt to my new style of communicating and maintain my job and my relationships.”
--Janine Bourgeois, Case Manager, Adult Services, Service Coordination for People with Developmental Disabilities

Read more stories here.

CHS will be participating in events in many regional offices throughout May, including Mayfest in Toronto and Ottawa, Sound Advice workshop in Waterloo, open houses and displays in many regions. Check the calendar for these and other events. 


CHS will be participating in regional events throughout May, including Mayfest in Toronto and Ottawa, the Sound Advice workshop in Waterloo, and other initiatives. Check the calendar for CHS Events near you.

Is this the Golden Age of communication?

The cover story for the Spring/Summer 2014 issue of Vibes focused on the rich variety of ways we communicate, delving into the advances in communication technology over the past couple of decades, while noting how far we have to go.

Check out the new issue of Vibes today!

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