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How did you communicate?

CHS will raise awareness about the communication barriers that consumers still encounter today. CHS will also highlight the varying ways that consumers communicate in everyday life, and how technology, changing societal attitudes and legislation have contributed to increased communication avenues for all people. During CHS's 75th anniversary, everyone, staff, consumers, is asked to look back and share how they communicated before the advent of many technological advances – email, social media, video calling, or teletypewriters -- and how they communicate now. 

Tell us how did you communicate on social media using the hashtag #HowDidYouCommunicate. Everyone is encouraged to participate during Speech and Hearing Awareness Month.

Here’s a few examples from staff at CHS to get you started:

“Teletypewriters and Bell Relay Service were great in their prime during the ’80s and ’90s, but email as a universal tool really changed the game for me. Video calling is also a dream come true. As a commuter on the trains, I envied hearing people on the phone. Now I can be on the phone, too. I can email or video call with my iPhone.”
--Joyce Lange, Manager, Human Resources

“There were no TTYs until about 1975. When they were introduced, it was like the invention of the wheel for the Deaf community. Usually, they had to drive from their homes or drive to the CHS office to convey a message or get help. Before, Deaf people couldn’t communicate with anybody outside the country, or even outside the city, but now you can communicate with somebody in China, thanks to computers and text messaging.”
--Gord Ryall, Program Director, Employment Services

“When I started at CHS, there were no computers in the organization. Instead, we had the Envoy 100 (an electronic message service) and everybody would line up on the fifth floor and wait their turn. Can you imagine? After 1998, everyone had their own computer. That was a revolution for the organization. Before, everything was in writing. Emails gave us such an immediate response, whereas with letters, we were waiting for weeks for a response. It really changed the pace of work.”
--Gary Malkowski, Special Advisor to the President, Public Affairs 

Share your story with us today! 

Tweet to @CHSCanada: #HowDidYouCommunicate
Like us on Facebook and post your message: #HowDidYouCommunicate  
Post a picture on Instagram: #HowDidYouCommunicate

Send us an email:
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CHS will be participating in events in many regional offices throughout May, including Mayfest in Toronto and Ottawa, Sound Advice workshop in Waterloo, open houses and displays in many regions. Check the calendar for these and other events. 

Orange Emperor Tulip Campaign

From May 1, 2015 to June 20, 2015, CHS celebrates its 75th anniversary and Speech and Hearing Awareness Month with the Orange Emperor Tulip campaign. The Orange Emperor Tulip is an award-winning, brilliant orange tulip with a darker interior dotted with a pale, buttercup yellow base and black anthers. A portion of the proceeds will support your local CHS office in serving people who are Deaf and hard of hearing. Order yours online at or at your local CHS office.

CHS Connections

Read the latest edition of the e-newsletter CHS Connections, coming out in early May! This edition features stories about CHS's 75 years. 

Vibes Spring/Summer

This edition of Vibes includes a feature on CHS's 75th anniversary including stories from people who have been involved with CHS over the years. 

Check out the new issue of Vibes today!

How Did You Communicate?

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