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Strategic Goals


Running a social service agency these days is like white water rafting. We're being tossed by waves, dodging rocks and trying not to capsize. 

It's easy to feel overwhelmed. But it can also push us past our limitations.

Our Strategic Plan lays out ambitious, measurable objectives that will stretch CHS. Over the next three years, CHS aims to become a stronger, more responsive organization by:

  • Building sustainable, diversified funding streams
  • Reducing service gaps
  • Increasing the public visibility of CHS

And we will use a process that is based on evidence, fairness, transparency and equity.

"I was laid off from work because of my hearing loss. My counsellor explained how the Ontario Human Rights Commission works and helped me file a complaint." -- Consumer

Strategic Goals

In the next three years, by March 2015, CHS will improve funding stability, service availability, and public visibility, setting aspirational 'stretch' targets to stimulate creative approaches.


CHS will build sustainable, diversified revenue streams by:

  • Doubling Hearing Aid Program, CDP and Accessibility Consulting revenues
  • Doubling fundraising net revenues
  • Increasing efficiencies and/or reducing expenditures

In the context of the Ontario government's plans to cut community services, any funding increases will need to build on our successful Hearing Care programs, grow our new Accessibility Consulting offering, and expand our fundraising initiatives.

Programs and Services

CHS will improve the quality and availability of services by:

  • Strengthening programming and corporate support services by implementing a Quality Assurance program
  • Expanding geographic coverage of services in rural and remote areas of Ontario by 20%
  • Developing information and referral resources for persons with cochlear implants
  • Expanding CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) and Print fee-for-service offerings throughout Ontario
  • Providing a sustainable model of support to the families of children and youth identified with hearing loss
  • Enhancing Employment Services in regional and area offices

The launch of Video Relay Services in the next year or two will enable consumers throughout Ontario, not only in regions served by CHS, to take advantage of phone-based counselling.


CHS will increase its public awareness and visibility, establishing CHS as the 'Go To' organization for all culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people in Ontario by:

  • Developing an organization-wide Awareness Action Plan and Marketing Delivery Model by end of 2012
  • Implementing the Awareness Action Plan, achieving defined targets for public awareness, brand recognition, media coverage, advocacy and hearing health issues

"Overall, CHS has a passion for serving the community." -- Consumer survey

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