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Sennhesier Infrared TV/Audio and Theatre Listening System

(model #SENN900 )


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Details and Specifications

Model SENN900
What's in the box?
  • Stethoset receiver
  • Transmitter/charging station
  • Rechargeable Battery (BA300)
  • 2 pairs of replacement ear cushions
  • Power supply with national adapters (EU, UK, US)
  • TV RCA adapter
  • TV SCART adapter
  • TV connection cable (3.5/6.3mm) 

2 year warranty 

Tax Eligible

Enhance your listening experience at home or out on the town. The Sennhesier Set 900 gives you crystal-clear stereo sound in concert halls, at theatres and at home. Simply plug the base transmitter into the audio-out jack of your TV or audio source and use the headset to amplify sound at home. Or bring the headset to any facility that is equipped with infrared technology, for use outside your home. 

  • Two switchable microphones on the receiver, which pick up and amplify surrounding noise.
  • Switchable feature lets you hear ambient sounds, like a ringing phone, while watching TV or having a conversation
  • Three different tone settings, allows you to customize your listening experience
  • Large, easy-to-read ergonomically volume and balance control
  • Easy to connect to television
  • Light weight under the chin headset.
  • Rechargeable batteries 

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