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Principles of Professionalism

We, the employees of the Canadian Hearing Society, commit to the following values to guide the everyday operations of the agency.

Consumer Focus

We will design and deliver services that focus on needs, as identified by consumers. Consumers may include any individual or organization we serve, both internally and externally. 

Knowledge / Continuous Improvement

We will continuously improve our models of service delivery, because the environment and needs of consumers are always changing. This requires our commitment to continuing education, through both self-directed learning and agency sponsored opportunities.

Information Sharing

We will provide information on all options to consumers so that they can make informed decisions. We will share our ideas and knowledge with coworkers when service delivery can benefit.

Team Work

We will support coworkers and celebrate the successes we achieve together. We encourage teamwork that incorporates our diverse backgrounds, values and strengths.

Decision Making

We will make decisions based on facts and appropriate consultation. We will explain the reasons for our decisions.


We will work efficiently and effectively to achieve the desired outcomes for our programs.


We will provide a barrier free work environment. We will acquire necessary communication skills and be culturally sensitive.

Ethical Conduct

We will demonstrate honesty, confidentiality and mutual respect for others. We share responsibility for building a positive public image of CHS.

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