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Letter to the Editor of the Toronto Star on Deaf Chef Cruise

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Letter to the editor of the Toronto Star

Re: Chef Quinn Cruise cooks her signature hambaagu, a Japanese hamburger bowl, January 22

The Canadian Hearing Society congratulates Quinn Cruise on her burgeoning career as a chef who is Deaf. The article highlights the challenges and successes that many Deaf and hard of hearing people like Cruise have faced in the workplace.

People who are Deaf or hard of hearing have a lot to offer potential employers: they have the same potential and abilities as hearing people, and are educated, skilled and talented. CHS works with various organizations and businesses to help them become more accessible and teaches employers best practices when communicating or working with people who are Deaf and hard of hearing.

In the article, Cruise shared how she uses gestures, written notes, visual aids, demonstration and other methods to successfully communicate with others in the workplace. CHS encourages employers to break down barriers to communication and also provides assessment, consulting and placement services for organizations, as well as an Accessibility Guide to Businesses & Service Providers and other online resources at

Chris Kenopic, President and CEO, Canadian Hearing Society

Employment Services at CHS
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