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Fire Prevention Education

All year round CHS works to raise awareness of fire safety and prevention, during fire prevention week we educate the community, government and businesses about the importance of fire safety and visual smoke alarms for people who are culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened and hard of hearing. Fire Prevention Week is the second full week of October. In 2013, CHS staff participated in more than 25 public education events across the province in schools, hospitals and malls in partnership with local fire departments.

900-02134E-Store - Visual smoke alarms

CHS continued advocacy efforts to educate municipalities, governments, fire departments and the public on the importance of visual smoke alarms.

Pilot Program - Sightlines to Safety

CHS has partnered with three local fire departments to pilot a new program called "Sightline to Safety". This program ensures people who are culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened and hard of hearing receive adequate and appropriate education about preventing, detecting and escaping a fire in the home.

Articles - Special Fire Prevention Section in Vibes

The Fall/Winter 2013 issue of Vibesmagazine has a special section on Fire Prevention packed with safety tips, information on visual smoke alarms, and stories on people and programs.

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